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Frequently Asked Questions

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal works by transmitting light energy which is absorbed by pigment in hair follicles and through this channel is able to denature the cells that are responsible for hair growth. The hair needs to be at the right stage of the hair growth cycle when treatment occurs for this to happen, this is why multiple treatments are needed.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser hair removal is a perfectly safe form of treatment. Lasers have been used in medical applications for decades. Laser hair removal simply targets the melanin in the hair and leaves the surrounding skin unharmed.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Laser hair removal treatment is often described as similar to the sensation of an elastic band flicking against the skin. The more treatments you have, the less you feel the treatment as there are fewer follicles to treat each time.

Can laser hair removal be used on any skin type?

The lasers that we use at our clinic are safe for all skin types. As long as the hair being treated has enough pigment, then it can be treated. This is something that we would consider and advise you about at your consultation.
The lasers that we use at our clinic can also be safely used to provide hair removal treatment for black, Asian and middle eastern skins. Click the icon to read more.

How many laser hair removal treatments do I need?

The number of treatments of laser hair removal required depends on your skin and hair type. Typically, a minimum of six treatments is required. However, through our experience we have found that on Asian and Middle Eastern skin types, particularly on facial areas, 8-12 treatments are more likely to reach the desired outcome.

How long do I need to wait between laser hair removal sessions?

Laser hair removal treatments are typically carried out every 4-6 weeks depending on the area being treated and where you are in your treatment journey. Typically, the further along you are in your treatment journey, the longer the gap between your treatments would be.

Can I have laser hair removal anywhere?

In short – yes! Laser hair removal can be carried out on any face or body part that has hair, provided it has enough pigment to be treated successfully.
We carry out laser hair removal on all intimate areas for men and women, facial areas, the neck (front and back), nipples, around the belly button, fingers, toes, hands, feet as well as all the main body areas such as back, legs, arms, stomach, chest – pretty much anywhere! We will assess the area and carry out a test patch in the consultation.

Will laser hair removal give me permanent hair removal?

There is actually no such thing as “permanent hair removal”. Laser hair removal can give you a significant permanent reduction – up to 90% reduction. However, nothing can leave you permanently with absolutely no hair in your desired treatment areas!

Can laser hair removal be obtained on the cheap?!

We have done our best to provide laser hair removal at affordable prices. We are not as expensive as doctor-led or medical clinics. This is because we specialise in laser hair removal and have had all our training and experience specifically for this but do not carry out other more medical or invasive procedures. This helps us to keep our costs down.
There are, however, other outlets offering hair removal services at very cheap prices or on voucher and groupon deals. We have not taken this approach as we feel that the time and care needed to perform treatments safely and comfortably would be compromised if we were performing treatments at the pace required to make this viable as a business.

Can men have laser hair removal treatments?

Yes! A significant portion of our clients are men and laser hair removal for men is a highly effective treatment. Some of our most popular laser hair removal treatments for men are back, chest, stomach and cheekbones (above the beard). Click the icon to read more.

Can laser hair removal help with ingrown hairs?

Yes! Ingrown hairs are caused by hairs that are essentially not growing back straight out of the skin but have re-entered the skin or are curling under the surface of the skin. Laser hair removal has two effects on this. First, it will encourage the hair to grow straight, reducing the chance that it will become trapped beneath the surface and become an ingrown hair. Second, laser hair removal treatment will permanently eradicate the hairs that are successfully treated and these then cannot become ingrown.

How many treatments are required?

We usually recommend a minimum of six treatments. However, the number of treatments you require will depend on the type of result that you are looking for as well as your hair and skin type, how well you respond to treatment and other factors like hormonal change.
On body parts such as legs, six treatments are usually sufficient to give an excellent result. On pubic and underarm hairs, a course of six treatments gives a good result although typically another 2 to 4 sessions is usually worth considering.
If you are just looking for a reduction – for example sometimes men are looking to thin chest or leg hairs – then fewer than six could be sufficient.

At MiMi Laser - we will aim to ensure your questions and concerns are fully addressed before proceeding with any treatment. We are fully qualified professionals that have been trained with tested techniques.

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